San Diego: Sea World!

Our little fam headed down to San Diego for a long weekend to catch up with everyone and celebrate Thatcher's 1st birthday! We crammed a lot of fun into those 4 days and here are some (ok a lot!) of my favorite pics from our time!

Pops won the battle of who got to pick us up from the airport! These two monkeys were so excited to see him and such troopers after a long evening of travel thanks to some flight delays!

Thursday morning we bundled up(?!?) why must it always rain when I have things to do in SD, like get married or go to Sea World!? Anyhow, the rain didn't stop our fun, we had a blast spending the day with everyone and all the babes!

Reese and Matix already best friends. They are exactly 4 weeks apart, so much fun! Wyatt and Scott cruising Sea World and Zach looking like paparazzi!

Strollers, lots of strollers!

Sea Lion & Otter show, my fav as you can apparently tell by my huge smile!

Love these two faces!

Cool shades, Wy.

Uncle Zach and his favorite niece!


AnneMarie said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE these pics and the blog update!!!

AnneMarie said...

LOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEE the update but mostly love the people in the pics!