Insta April

 1) bear smiles 2) laaadies 3) real pb&j

1) 4 months old 2) playing with Grammie's glasses 3) so long jeep (tear)

1) best toy ever 2) best (not a kid) toy ever 3) special elmo treat for the sick little guy

1&2) pushing sissy in the swing (if only they'd look at me at the same time!) 3) love this face

1&2&3) a day at the park with the stokes family

1) uncle rich and auntie lizzy visit! 2) bumbo-ing 3) girl swimsuits may be my new weakness

1) my handsome guy 2) loves 3) no i don't want to hold your hand mama

1&2&3) friday afternoon at the park with the hubs and our gangsta son and pretty little reese 

1) morning cuddles while i make breakfast 2) coldstone run? yes please. 3) family outing to walnut creek and a special seat for wyatt at lunch next to dad

1) church best 2) we love rompers 3) bffs


Robeson Family. said...

i love all of these pictures!!!!

the family Kostrzewa said...

can't pick a favorite, you've made it too hard. i think reese's hair in the bumbo makes me happiest. or possibly when wyatt is looking at her on the mat. soooo cute.

Jeni said...

Love all the pictures!!

AnneMarie said...