Insta March

i didn't want to clog up your instagram feed with an even more outrageous number of pictures of my kids than i already do, so instead i'll do it here! ready, go! (some) unseen life via my iphone...

 1) who knew i married the biebs? 2) target mom shoes! 3) collecting rocks on his way home from the park

1) reesey duck! maybe i should find a bear towel 2) loves getting low and snoozing in that seat 3) snuggles

1) welcoming dad home from work 2) couch potato 3) kiddos, duh

1) handpicked flowers from the hubs from our backyard 2) saturday morning bagels and coffee in matching beanies made by great grammie! 3) rough morning for this little guy

1) cause she's cute 2) i crashed story time before bed with these guys 3) scotty's 29th @ benihana!

1&2) wyatt loves putting on scott's shoes, he did this himself, the best is when he then tries to walk 3) looking at (what else?!) trucks at the library

1) snoozing at the library 2) oops, headband down 3) rocks, brother.

1) building mom and sissy a fire 2) sunday best for church 3) check out that head control!

1) a quick trip to safeway left no room for my groceries! 2) snoozing on the way to and at grammies! 3) snoozing again in the stroller at the mall, i tried not to take it personally

1) compliments of debbie! she's getting so big! 2) i wish this sweater came in my size 3) decorating and missing those munchkins

1) standing on the couch like her bff cruzi! 2&3) some girl time while wy napped

1) caught with his hand in the cookie batter! 2) so content playing with his toys, i love watching him to do this 3) checking out reesey's new play mat thanks to auntie annie!

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