A Fountain

We set out for Santa Cruz today, but only made it halfway there. Apparently, everyone else in the Bay Area had the same idea as we did on this gorgeous Saturday. When we hit Los Gatos, still 30 minutes from Santa Cruz, we also hit dead stop traffic, that showed no signs of clearing anytime soon. Rather than fight the crowds, we opted to bring our picnic to Los Gatos and what a fun day it turned out to be! There was a fountain that Wyatt absolutely LOVED! These pictures don't show it because this was round two, after lunch, but he spent a good half an hour running in and out of the water, getting totally soaked and laughing the whole time. He even got knocked over (accidentally) by a bigger kid, but went right back in for some more water! This guy is just so joyful and full of life, we love him so much! And of course, Reese too, she enjoyed sitting with me staying dry while the boys splashed around!


Stephanie said...

Do you think that little man will chomp his fingers until he's 10?!?! I hope so. :)

Deb said...

When doesn't Wyatt have a good time!!! He is so full of fun and joy!! And Miss Reese!, she is just a dolly!!
loved all the pictures!