Beauty in the Breakdown

I have been meaning to sit down and write this post for several months now, but I secretly laugh at myself for thinking I could have done it any earlier. In the midst of my storm, I never saw this day and if I did, it was only a distant dream. But for now, I am thankful and celebrating the fact that for the third day this week both kids are napping for a stretch of almost three hours at the same time. Ahhhh, the small victories. I am mostly writing this for myself, to come back to and re-read when, Lord willing I have a third child, and am at that point where I want to crawl into a hole and never come out. That being said, some things I've learned in the past three months, and oh how humbling those months have been. In no particular order:

1) It does get easier, contrary to thinking you'll never sleep or leave the house again.

2) Yes, Wyatt still loves me. In fact, he never stopped. Thank goodness for that. Don't listen to the lies pregnancy hormones and Satan want you to believe. 

3) Trust the Great Physician, not a diagnosis happy Kaiser doctor, or WebMD for that matter. 

4) Snuggle. It doesn't hurt, in fact it makes things easier on everyone. Soon they'll be running around and you'll have to beg them for a quick snuggle. 

5) Swaddle.

6) Don't compare babies. They are as unique as God intended them to be and love them for it, even when they won't nap or finish eating in five minutes. 

7) They will eventually nap. Give them time, not all babies come out of the womb ready for Baby Wise. Sorry Reese, please forgive your schedule happy mom, but thanks for cooperating now.

8) I can't do this on my own, I've never depended on God's strength more than in the past three months. I am thankful that when I am weak, He is strong. 

9) Babies know when you're stressed. I used to think that was kind of bogus, but I believe it now. I think Reese and I have both mellowed out tremendously in the past month and I attribute most of that to me taking a chill pill. 

10) Learn the phrase, "Why thank you, Trader Joe's checkout man, yes I would love some help out." 

11) Tell your husband you love him, because every day around 5:00 he comes in and saves the day with a  breath of fresh air and energy to play with the kids, even after a long day at work. 


wolfe said... let go let go, oh just get in, it's so amazing here, it's alright..."I'm sure when we were listening to this song on repeat thinking of Rhe in a tutu spinning in the front room we never thought it would apply to your babes...but here's to growing up and you becoming such a beautiful mother.

Bennett and the Jets said...

Supermom! You are doing so amazing!

natasha {schue love} said...

Love this post Lisa!! It's definitely prepping me for things to come!! Hope all is well! xo

Valene said...

In 28 weeks when I have babe #2 I will definitely be re-reading this post... I have similar worries now that I'm pregnant!!! Glad to know that with time it will get easier... You're such a great influence and resource... Stay strong mama!! We can do this!!!

Robeson Family. said...

Love this. Love you. Love the babes.

Jeni said...

Great post Lisa! Love you!

kristensmith said...

Love this! I feel this way and I only have ONE kid! Newborns are hard work...

She is beautiful! You scored some cute kids :) So did I!