Visalia Weekend of Fun

A couple weekends ago we packed up our entire house and took a little road trip to visit some of our favorite people!

Photographic proof that we packed up the entire house! Maybe its time for a bigger car, I think Reese almost got lost in the mess, though not really mess, check out my hubby's stellar pack job!

We headed to Visalia to spend the weekend with Scott's college roommates, their wives, kids and future kids!! It has become a bi-annual tradition that we all get together and I can definitely say it is a time I look forward to all year! It was extra fun this year because Matt and Jenny had their awesome baby boy Maddox, so we weren't the only ones with munchkins around! Maddox was born late October, so he and Reese are just over a month apart! Love at first sight, I think so?!

While the boys spent Saturday skiing and snowboarding, us girls did what we do best! Chat, eat, chat and eat some more! It's pretty amazing how good we are at those things. Truly though, these ladies are one of a kind and it always does my heart good to spend time with them! We got to throw Jenn a surprise baby shower and go out to a fun lunch as well. We can't wait to meet you baby Carter!!

Reesey bear in her first dress and Wy and I at lunch!

Wyatt giving Maddox some kind of head bump?!?

We'll miss you Randle fam! Check out this cake Jenn made! Not only awesome looking, but delicious as well. We sadly said bye to the Randles as they begin their new adventure in NY! We can't wait to come visit you guys!

Sneaking food, what else is new?!

Wy guy spending some hang time with the guys on Sunday morning.

Thanks for such a wonderful weekend guys, looking forward to this summer at Bass Lake already!!


Deb said...

Great pictures of everyone! good job up-dating your blog!!!
Wanna see some more pictures.....


Brad and Sara Osborne said...

Yeah Lisa... way to post!!! We had such an amazing weekend with everyone!!! Love you guys!

AnneMarie said...

Oh my gosh..Wyatt looks so big in these pictures compared to the last blog! Love those kiddos!