Uncle Chris Comes to Visit!

Uncle Chris came to visit us for a few days at the end of October and it was a blast! Wyatt, Scott and I had so much fun having him here with us for the normal day to day. We missed Auntie Katie and wished she could have come too! Chris is such a fun Uncle, always playing with Wyatt, feeding him and carrying him all around town so he didn't have to ride in that pesky stroller. He even found a way for Wyatt to enjoy cruising Target! Wyatt had a personal entertainer for a few days, and we were sure sad to see Uncle Chris go! I'm so excited that the next time I see my brother, he will be a Dad!! He's going to be one heck of a Dad, that's for sure!! Love you brother!

Checking out some ducks at Blackhawk.

See, totally enjoying Target! Hilarious. 

Chris helping Scott stack firewood, and I should also mention, one thing I love about my brother is that no matter what, on any given Sunday during football season, my brother will be wearing his Charger jersey. Even when he is out of town and the Chargers don't play til Monday. We tried it on Wy for kicks. Looks pretty good Wy Guy!


AnneMarie said...

Love those boys...all of them!

Chris and Katie said...

I had a great time! Thanks for the hospitality, I really loved spending time with Wyatt. Can't wait for our little man to meet Baby Girl! Love you all