Little Love Monster

We spent Halloween again this year at the Stokes home! Noah and Danika are stellar party throwers and hosted a great night with pizza, salad, lots of kids and of course some candy! It was so fun to see Owen and Jude and all their buddies all dressed up. To top it off, Wyatt even decided to keep his costume on, with no tears! So, without much more...enjoy some pics of our Halloween night with our little bitty love monster.

 How do you get this guy in costume? Feed him mandarin oranges to distract him!

 See? Mouthful.

I love this.

 Checking out Maureen and Tom's new pup Lucy! Lucy thought Wyatt's paw was a chew toy!! He was OK with it.

Wyatt got lots of treats going up to doors with his Auntie! Score Dad and Mom!

A hot dog, a ninja and a cute!

Hanging with Papa and Grammie!

A post trick or treating snap! Happy Halloween!!!


Robeson Family. said...

those chompers make that costume even cuter!!!

Andrea said...

such cute pics and such a cute little guy... I have more to write, but just had to check out the new post... more responses soon! nighty night!

Jeni said...

That is the cutest little monster I've ever seen!