SD Birthday Weekend

My birthday this year happened to fall on the same weekend as my best friend Megan's baby shower! So, double bonus for me! Wyatt and I headed down to SD on Thursday morning to catch the tail end celebration of my Mom's birthday (it was Wednesday...happy birthday Mom!! Do you even still check my blog?!?) and Scott met up down there on Saturday morning. I took about a million pictures...mostly of Wyatt and Thatcher, so I'll try and keep it to a minimum on here. But unfortunately got no pics of the shower or all the yummy treats we baked up for it! Oh well, you can just use your imagination. I will say this, that Pioneer Woman sure knows how to make a good cinnamon roll! OK, here goes picture overload!

Upon arrival in SD, Grammie picked up Wy and I and brought along Wyatt's favorite car from his last visit to SD. If only I had captured his face when he first saw it sitting there waiting for him to ride. Though, I think this face is pretty telling of his excitement as well!

First order of business was a haircut. Scott is a major fan of Wyatt's short hair, so after having some serious long locks the past few months, we went with a short new do for a while. 

Every morning when we call my Mom to iChat over breakfast, Wyatt first always asks for "Dog-Dog!" I was pretty excited to see what he would do when he finally got to see her in person, but turns out I think he likes her more from the computer screen, or at least with a screen door in between them. 

This little guy is not so little! Thatch turns 6 months in a few days and I can't believe how quickly he's growing. He was super excited to play in his Jeep!

Wyatt was also excited to give him a push around the house. It was pretty cute!

Emili and I also like to do everything the same, so Wyatt and Thatcher have essentially the same wardrobe, hence the first of 3 nights of matching PJs pics!

I just stole this picture off of Facebook! Megs, Sis, Kel and I at Megs' baby shower! Lookin good Dud! Sarah, I wish you were in this picture!

Best little buds. 

Here's the one shot from my birthday night in SD. Dad and Grams made a delicious dinner, chili con carne, beans, rice and of course homemade tortillas! It was a treat indeed. Sis also pulled through with my favorite cake, yellow cake with chocolate frosting for dessert! I think I ate enough food for an army that night. Uncle Gary and Aunt Pat and Jason and Kristina came over to celebrate as well with our entire fam. A great night indeed!!!

And one more for good measure.

Sunday before we took off for the airport we went out to Bates Nut Farm to check out the pumpkin patch. I think the babes were still not quite able to appreciate all the fun, but it was a nice family outing nonetheless. Dad, looking out for his grandsons, lending out his hats!

Fun in the gift shop!

Family Hay Ride

The not so successful attempt at a pic with their grandkids!

Love these guys!

After not sleeping on the plane home, or the bus ride to BART, this tired little guy crashed hard in his Dad's arms while riding BART home (which sidenote: we got to the Oakland BART station right as the Raider game ended, quite possibly the worst timing ever! The claustrophobic in me wanted to cry!) Looks like someone (ahem, Scott) has the magic touch.


Megan said...

my belly looks like its about to eat your belly!!

Andrea said...

such cute pics, Bubs and I loved looking at them on our date night :) love his new haircut, he looks so handsome!!!

Robeson Family. said...

best weekend ever.