Some things in October:

 Playing with Dad and Mom all day long.

Hanging with Auntie Sarah for the day, such a treat!

 Practicing pushing the baby swing for baby sister.

 Playing with Jude and doing all the big boy things like racing up stairs!

 Hit up the major Gap sale and scored new PJs for $8!

 Had a serious combover.

 Made yummy pumpkin loaf. Side note: pumpkin loaf should not be left in the house with a pregnant lady!

Went into the City to watch the Blue Angels Air Show, only the Blue Angels couldn't fly thanks to the fog. Bummer.

Sported Halloween PJs thanks to Grammie!

 Waited patiently for Dad to get home from work and then never left his side.

 Got a new car seat, which we LOVE!

King of his castle.

Yes, that is Wyatt under that fro.

Test run on the cinnamon rolls. Also something not to leave in the house with a pregnant lady. Sheesh.


Richard said...

Great post Lisa! Very fun read :)

Robeson Family. said...

That picture of wy and scott kills me. I want to munch on wy guys cheeks. I just love that guy!