Birthday Pumpkin Carving Party

 After our plane, bus and BART ride home from SD, we headed over to Resti and Debbie's for some pumpkin carving and cupcakes to continue my birthday celebration! We had a yummy dinner and tasty (and cutely decorated) cupcakes for dessert! Sweet Jude checking out the cupcakes!

 Leave it to my husband to bring out his power tools for pumpkin carving. At least it wasn't the chain saw this year...remember that Sis and Jim?!?!

 Bubs and Ann were the guest judges via iChat and picked Resti's pumpkin as the winner, and I would have to agree! Such a fun night, thanks for celebrating and spoiling me Zaballos fam, love you guys!


Andrea said...

thanks for letting us crash your bday party via internet! love your shirt too :) he he!!

Robeson Family. said...

those cupcakes look soooo yummy. and I'm totally jelly you carved pumpkins. LUCKY.