Bartsch Fam Visit

One of Scott's old college roommates and his wife came and visited us for the weekend back in September. It was really awesome to spend a weekend with good friends and just catching up! Jenn is also pregnant so we got to chat pregnancy the whole weekend while the boys talked about trucks and tools, per usual. We had a great time hanging with them, going to bagels and coffee and even venturing into the city for a farmers market and lunch at Fisherman's Wharf! Thanks for coming Bartsch fam!!

Bundled up for our stroll to bagels and coffee.

Playing with Dad on BART and lots of pretty produce!


 Nick and Jenn and Baby!

Just me and the kiddos.

We told Wyatt he could have whatever he wanted for dessert from Ghiradelli, but he said he'd rather sleep.  

 Playing Legos with Uncle Nick.

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