Three Years!!!

My sweet hubby and I planned a super fun long getaway weekend to SLO and SB for our three year anniversary this past May. Unfortunately for us, the timing fell right at the peak of my 1st trimester morning sickness and fatigue...but, who says you still can't have a little fun even when you feel like curling up in a ball and puking your brains out?!? TMI?? Sorry. Anyhow, he was the best and so sweet and took lots of naps with me, was so patient, and just the best. I think his wallet made out the best that weekend, as I kept turning down all invites to shop shop shop...hmmm, I wonder if I could get a rain check on that now?!? 

Said goodbye to this little guy for the first time ever for more than a few hours! That was crazy, but he was in great hands with Pops and Grammie!

We got to spend Thursday night with Brad and Sara and that was SO much fun! They had picked up Thai Boat for us and my oh my it was delicious! Apparently this pregnancy my body craved Thai Boat, with Wyatt, not so much!! Our visit was short, but still so wonderful to see such great friends! On Friday morning while I was doing this...

Scott was doing that! See what I mean?! So patient, he entertained himself while I took my morning nap on the Osborne's couch! 

When we finally made it to Santa Barbara and our cute little hotel, we rested (a lot), strolled around town, grabbed some food, walked around a farmers market, rode our bikes and saw a movie one night. It was perfect. So relaxing, the best weather and my favorite person in the world!

Outside of Urban Outfitters where I couldn't find the energy to shop, sad story.

I'm moving here, who's with me?!?

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Liz said...

i'm jealous of your morning nap on the Osbornes couch... you look so warm and snuggly!