Baby #2 didn't let me off the morning sickness hook, thats for sure. So, here's the few pictures I have of a month that, if we're being totally honest, wasn't my favorite! Ready go.

Scott rides his new moto!

Wyatt scoots like an army man all over the place.

Got to see this babe! OK that was a reallllly exciting day! Tell me you can't see that?!?! See the head in the top left corner, then the four little stubs that are arms and feet! Crazzzzy!

This guy wondered why Mom 1) was always in her sweats and 2) left me in my PJs all day! It was a rough month, I'm telling you.

See, still in jammies.

My hard working hubby kept going on all the house projects a la installing this new door!

I missed this little peanut like crazy!

Still loved bath time in the sink.

Got to hang with these awesome ladies to celebrate Rhe getting married and meet sweet little Violet!!!

Until next year May, sorry to say, I wasn't sad to see you go.

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Robeson Family. said...

Scott looks so happy with his motorcycle! Poor Wy not getting dressed all day hahaha, but totally worth it because baby girl was growing!!