Some things in June for catch-ups sake:

Standing in the crib, some major bed head, a new ride and some super cute buns!

It rained. We dressed like this...in JUNE! Yikes. We also decided there was no need for a bowl, duh Mom.

Ahhh this face! My love.

Helping with the yardwork and Dad's beard!

Got this handsome picture.

Wy grew some serious long hair!

Jimmy and Scott found this awesome buffet at a garage sale for $15!!! STEAL! The boys played with Scott's new rock crawler...endless entertainment!


Liz said...

LOVE these updates lees!! Love your life. Miss you!

Robeson Family. said...

Excuse me did you for get that Jimmy, Thatchy and I came for a visit in June? Clearly it was the highlight of your month!