You won't find this toy at Target, that's for sure. Last week Scott brought home a new motorcycle to join the 4Runner and the collection of bicycles, gas powered tools, saws, mini bikes and other fun things currently occupying the garage. He had the go ahead to find a motorcycle after some long conversations, and I must say, he promptly found one! It's a really cool (I'd say cute, but I know no guy wants their bike described as "cute") motorcycle and he has really been enjoying riding it. Let's just say I'll never have to take a quick trip to the store anymore, he's all over those errands now. Lookin good hubs!!!


Andrea said...

AHH girl, did Wyatt get a matching one??? Are you ready for this?? You WILL have one adventurous son, you can count on that! .... but that just means, we go shopping while they go riding right?? :)

Randle said...

ohhh no i see. i'm working my way back in time to get the facts! Street legal? How many CC? Are there places you can ride to... ride... I mean ride on the road to ride offroad?
So cool!