Recent Scores!

Hutch: Craigslist $100 
Rocker: (he'll grow into it!): Craigslist $25 
Backyard Playground: Free!!! (hubby picked it up from the side of the road, some grandparents were retiring it - the thing is like brand new! now, if Wyatt could just learn to walk!)

As you can see, I now have several days of sanding ahead of me so we can paint these beauties!!! What do you think, good deals?!?


Deb said...

Lisa, these are amazing finds!!! Love the hutch and the rocking chair with Wyatt checking it out! The out door toys were a great find too! Good job you two!!


AnneMarie said...

How much for that cute boy sittin' in the chair?

Andrea said...

wow- you know I love a good deal and you seriously scored girl! I can't wait to see your items re-done... they will look fabulous, but I don't recommend painting or sanding the playground... it might loose it's natural cuteness... but that's just my opinion :) loves!