Speedy Zaballos

Scott found a pretty sweet bike trailer for Wyatt to cruise around town in and it arrived this weekend! We were so excited to take him out on our bikes because it's something we both enjoy doing and hadn't been able to do it in sometime! I was a bit rusty on my cruiser (thankfully no run ins with the asphalt though), seeing as its the first time I'd been on in like a year or something, so I left the trailer-ing to Scott!
Ready for the test ride!!! Good one, huh?? Idea compliments of Scott. Not to worry this was just for kicks, it is a bicycle trailer, not a motorcycle trailer!

 One cool thing about Pleasanton is that it is not lacking in the parks department! We rode up the street a bit and found this cool park with lots of swing, slides and a teeter-totter. The latter was short lived, because I apparently am that motion sick prone, that the teeter-totter made me sea sick. Cool. Anyhow, it was a fun fam day at the park. Wyatt really liked going down the slide with Scott. Must have felt good to feel the wind blow through those long locks on his head. HA!


Marsandle said...
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Randle said...

i'm so confused and behind the times. is this the same moto you had in SLO? or a different new one?