A Day with Pops!

Wyatt and I got the totally awesome treat of spending a whole day with Pops last Thursday! He had some business to do in the city, so we made plans to grab breakfast and then later dinner with him after his meetings. Well, things got even better after we found out the meetings had been cancelled and that we got to hang with Dad the entire day! It was such a treat and wonderful surprise for our little week. Thanks for hanging with us Dad, Wyatt loves you! And thanks Mr. Unprofessional Business Guy for canceling your meeting with my Dad while he was in flight to SF. Made my day!
This was pretty hilarious. When Dad got in the car he offered to drive, but inspector Wyatt wasn't going to let just anyone in that drivers seat. He kept his head turned and facing Pops for a good 10 minutes without moving, intently studying Grandpa and trying to figure out just who was driving him around town.
Thankfully, once we got home and got Wyatt out of his car seat, he was all smiles for Pops!
We ended our day with some oh so yummy sushi for dinner in celebration of Dad's birthday! Followed of course with some yellow cake with chocolate frosting and vanilla ice cream back at home!! We love you Dad and really enjoyed our day with you! Happy belated birthday!!!

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Jimmy and Emili said...

That picture of dad driving and wy staring at him is hillarious. it makes the story way funnier!