Celebrating Emmie!

We celebrated little Em and her upcoming 3rd birthday this past week with the Zaballos fam. She is the cutest little thing you may have ever seen, just saying. We had a yummy dinner and fun time getting together with everyone for some hang time. The cousins are multiplying and getting so big!
Birthday dinner.
Wy and Auntie Annie.
March birthdays!
All packed and ready for her trip with her new Princess suitcase!
Owen 6 Emery 3
Jude 1 1/2
Wy 6 months Jed 3 months
Ring leaders...
...goof balls
...and the peanut!


Andrea said...

darling post, loved it, loved all the pictures of all the wee ones... I can only imagine what it will be like in a year.... lots of wild indians running around I suppose--- and maybe one sparkley princess :)

Thanks for sharing, loves and miss you guys, A

Deb said...

Hi Scott, Lisa, and Wyatt,

Loved all the new pictures! They're great! Especially
Wyatt the entertainer"!!! just darling! He's a ham!
Loved them all!