The Birthday Week

My sweet hubby turns the big 2-8 tomorrow, but we've been celebrating him since Thursday, and its been quite the fun few days. He's just the best, he really loves us and my life just wouldn't be complete without him. Here's what we've been up to!
The fun started Thursday night with family dinner on St. Patricks Day with the traditional corned beef and cabbage cooked up by Chef Debbie. It was a tasty treat, and I felt a little bit Irish after eating it!
This was the best group shot, minus the birthday guy himself, that we got!
We finished off the night with some yummy cake and ice cream. I, of course ate everyone else's frosting and then felt sick. Typical.

The next night Scott and I went on a date minus the munchkin. It was part of his birthday celebration, but also just part for our marriage. What a treat that was! We got to sit at dinner for over two hours and just talk, uninterrupted or sidetracked, which was so great. The waiter thought Scott was turning 20 when we mentioned we were out for his birthday! Hilarious. Then he apparently thought I was some sort of cougar, because he pegged me at 25. He about died when we told him our real ages AND that we have a 7 month old. Classic.
We dropped Wyatt off for a night at Grammie Debs and Papa Resti's and that little guy didn't even notice we were gone! Thanks for taking him in Resti and Debbie!

We ended the night strolling around Walnut Creek and of course reading magazines at Barnes and Noble. For a split second it felt like a good old Friday night back in SLO. 

Then, on Saturday, Scott wanted to ride Go-Karts at this indoor Go-Kart Race course. It's not your average Family Fun Center Go-Kart ride either. These things were flying around the course and it was pretty awesome to watch! Resti and Noah joined him on the course for some serious race competition!
Uncle Noah sporting his racing stripes and Scott getting suited up!
The racers and their masks?!?!
Lucky for Scott, the party isn't over. Until tomorrow that is!


Andrea said...

fun, fun, fun!! loved it!

ummm, scott kinda looks like he's in the Taliban or something in the "awkward picture".... little frightening, but it's the memory right??? i guess....

I still can't believe my brother married such an older woman, I always knew you were a cougar :) that made me laugh!!!

AnneMarie said...

I thought ONLY the women had to have their heads covered...