Baby Passport

Wyatt and I had a fun adventure getting these snaps taken at Costco yesterday. Somehow the lady wanted me to hold him up in front of the white screen, not get my hands in the picture, keep his fingers out of his mouth (clearly a challenge for this guy), and make him hold still while looking at the camera. Umm, yeah. After four or five unsuccessful rounds of me saying his name, (which resulted only in him looking over at me not straight ahead into the camera), I politely suggested if she just could clap her hands he'd most likely look up and smile. Well, the nice gentleman at the Membership counter came over and did a little jingle with his keys above photographer ladies head...and thank you very much Mr. Membership man, we got our passport picture! Looks like we'll being seeing you this summer, Cancun! 

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Deb said...

What darling pictures! I can't believe little WyPie has a passport!!! He's the youngest one in our family to have a passport!!! Too cute!!!