Scott, Wy and I got to spend an amazing, way too short weekend with Sister at the beginning of March. It was a weekend much needed, some quality sis time full of shopping, chatting, eating and of course some snuggles for Wyatt. We got to take BART into the city for a day of lunch and shopping thanks to my sweet hubs. We loved having Auntie in town for the day to day fun and miss her terribly already. We can't believe the next time we see her it will be for Thatcher's arrival!!! SO crazy. Thanks for coming Sis, and thanks for sharing your wife for the weekend Jim, we missed you!
Wouldn't know she was 7+ months prego, would you? Good work Sis.
The happy little guy after his (5th) haircut.


Andrea said...

Glad you got some fun time with your sister, and can't believe Wy is on his 5th haircut... Jed just got his first :) Hope to see you guys over Easter .... unless BabyThatcher arrives early... we of course will then need lots of pictures!

Jimmy and Emili said...

I seriously think that weekend was one of my favorite weekends in forever! Thanks again for having me up z fam! You guys are the greatest! Hope to see you sooner than later with this 5 pounder in my belly!:)