We lucked out with the weather this trip to SD. It was 75 degrees and sunny the whole time we were there which was amazing!!! (Not amazing = the scoop turtle neck very warm sweater dress I brought for the baby Thanks to Auntie Katie, we got some fun shots of Wyatt enjoying the weather...and a few other fun things like sweet potatoes and Bailey!

Wyatt fascinated by Bailey. She was so good to him and just sat there so patiently.
Ahh it was beautiful at the beach. On Monday, my Mom, Katie and I took Wyatt to the beach to swing and feel the ocean. He LOVED the swing. 
The ocean however, wasn't his most favorite thing in the world. It's ok buddy, you'll learn to love it, I promise!!


Katie said...

Yay! So glad you liked the pics! Wyatt sure makes it easy...he is just so cute and always happy!

Jimmy and Emili said...

oh man i love the one in the swing. hes so smiley. i sure love that boy. and of course you sissy.