A Real Picture

I thought to myself one day, pretty much every single picture I've taken of Wyatt has been on my iPhone. I was pretty stoked when I got the phone because the camera was sooo much better than my previous LG (I still love you Verizon) camera phone. I thought, awesome, I'll take all my pictures with this thing! Well, that was cool and the editing apps were (still are) fun, but sometimes its nice to have pictures from a real camera to make books or prints from. So I set my mind on investing in a nice camera...thanks in part to seeing pictures from Zach, Chris and Katie and the latest from the Millards. I was inspired. 

Well, Christmas had already come and gone, my birthday is still too far away, my monthly fun money wasn't going to cut it, and seeing as my day job doesn't pay, I was coming up a little short on the funds for this new camera. So, Scott gave me the challenge to sell a bunch of stuff we had sitting around the house that we'd been trying to get rid of and that money could go towards our new camera. Thus, I met my friend Craigslist and we began the selling spree. In the end I raised almost all of what we needed and on Monday, the UPS man delivered the newest item I'll be flashing all up in Wyatt's face. I bet he can't wait!

I might try to keep it to a picture a day on this thing so I don't lose readers out of boredom from seeing my son's face. Wait, I just said lose readers, like this is some highly traffic-ed blog. HA. Anyhow, now that I'm caught up, I hope I can post more and about more things other than the new little man in my life, though he is pretty wonderful, but so is my husband and families and friends and life. So, here's to you 2011. 

I'll leave you with my first favorites on the new cam. Scott's already the pro at using the thing, he read the manual and all. I just started snapping, and am no pro...yet. There's still time. 

wy guy 5.5 months.


Emily said...

I love seeing pictures of your little man! So handsome!

What kind of camera did you get?

Jessica Dahlquist said...

You will NEVER regret having a nice camera. It's so amazing and you can NEVER have too many pics of your little man!

The Zaballos Family said...

thanks guys! em, its a canon rebel t2i, shoots video too, we love it so far!! i can't believe how old and amazing miles is! are you ready for numero dos yet??? jess, i'm obsessed with parkers little cow lick, hes too cute! stay warm you two!!

Jimmy and Emili said...

Im not going to lie, once again i thought that was a picture of Wy and I. hahah. twinsies. i love it!