January Highlight Reel

OK, so the picture thing. Apparently, you can only have so many pictures in Picassa Web Albums (which is where pictures from this blog are stored I found out) and once you hit the limit, they want you to purchase more storage?? Has this happened to anyone else??? Sarah Spooner, you're my best bet at answering this (no pressure haha)...help! Anyhow, here's a "select few" from January and alas, I will be all caught up (pat on the back).

Were working on the finger thing, really, we are.

owen 6. jude 1.5. emery 3. jed 2 months. wy 5 months.


spooner on the ones said...

why hello! in short...
1) your son is VERY handsome and i miss him. for the LOVE i better see you guys in a couple of weeks!
2) no, i have not yet gone over my capacity on picasa... although i do have an actual picasa account outside of where pictures just automatically go when you use blogspot (which, if i may say, i find a little creepy. i opened up a picasa account like a year ago (because stella's not getting any younger) as i wanted a second way to back my pictures up. i used my gmail account as my username and when i opened it, every picture i had previously posted on the ol' blogger was already there.). like i said, "in short': no, i haven't had that problem.

look i was never very good at summarizing things; (even in school when you had to summarize a chapter of a history book or something... my summary ended up being at LEAST half as long as the chapter). i guess i find pretty much ALL information EVERYWHERE to be valuable. is that a crime lisa?

have i said too much?

The Zaballos Family said...

this is why i gave you the task. i love you and all your words hahaha. yes, for the love i better see you too!! miss you!!!

Jimmy and Emili said...

Janurary was a very handsome month for wy!