Christmas Vacation

Christmas this year was a total blast with Wyatt and our fams! We celebrated with Resti and Debbie before heading down to SD. Wyatt loves hanging with Papa Resti and his kisses from Grammie Debs!!! Thanks for all the great treats guys! Here's a picture story of our Christmas!

Rudolph Wyatt celebrating an early Christmas!

Then we boarded the plane very early in the morning.

Ate some yummmy breakfast in Hillcrest. Snuggled with Auntie.

Made Ginger bread houses and had a cookie decorating contest.

Slept on Pops.

Hung out with our awesome cousins, including a roaring round of the Hat Game.

Opened presents on Wyatt's first Christmas morning!

Sat by the fire!

Tested out the twist and sparkle...yummm.

Discovered the homeless beanie look.

Cozied up on Uncle Chris.

Visited with Rich and Lizzy and then went ice skating in Coronado!
Watched movies, ate yummy food.
Strolled the beach in La Jolla and saw the seals.
Boarded the plane home.

Merry Christmas and Happy 2011!!!

(silly blogger denied me from uploading any more pics. uh-oh.)


Riz and Lich said...

Loving all this holiday happiness!!!! also pretty hilar that blogger wouldn't let you upload anymore pics... blogger doesn't even know what it's missing out on! love little wy guy at the end giggling with Chris, so cute!

Jimmy and Emili said...

i have a slight tear in my eye. i miss wy guy sooooo much. i cant wait to smooch his face off in ONE WEEK. Holler!

Jimmy and Emili said...

ps that picture of my face doing the twist and sparkle is pretty hillarious. suchhhh a long face! hahha