And Then There Were 3

Most people write birth stories, oh, I don't know, days, maybe a few weeks after giving birth. I waited five months. That's cool too right?? Not that I haven't wanted to, and not that I really haven't had the time (I am blessed with a child who LOVES to sleep) I guess I just never did it for whatever reason. I'm probably not going to even TRY to catch up on the past five months of wonderfulness; those memories are tucked away in my heart (and if we're being honest, you've probably seen the pictures on FB anyhow) and for time's sake, we'll just go from here. So, you ready?? Sorry if this becomes might want to just wait for some pictures to look at!

August 14, 2010:
Scott and I said goodnight to Brad and Sara around 10:30 p.m. and went to our "room" which at the time was the family room. Oh the life of remodeling your home. I'd been pretty tired the previous couple days, but other than that felt totally normal. I hadn't felt any signs of labor and was convinced we were going to have a sweet weekend hanging with friends. At 2:30 a.m. I woke up to use the bathroom (normal middle of the night pee) and immediately went back to sleep. I had gotten pretty good at walking to the bathroom (which isn't too close) with my eyes closed and no lights on. At 4:00 a awoke again, this time with a gasp because I felt like I had just totally wet the bed. Not too unbelievable since I always pee in the middle of the night, but sort of surprising since I had just been to the bathroom. I lied there for a few seconds and tried to decide if I had just peed or if maybe that was my water breaking. I had remembered from our birthing class that only like 20% of women's water breaks on its own. Was I that 20%?? I decided to go back to the bathroom and see if I could determine what was going on. I'll spare you some of these details, but I was pretty convinced it was my water breaking so I ran back to the bed and woke up Scott. I remember that moment so distinctly. I said to him with my voice shaking, "Scott, (shake on the leg, cause he's a pretty heavy sleeper) I think my water just broke." Well, that pretty much woke him up from deep sleep. He shot up and I remember sitting there with him thinking, this is it, Wyatt is coming. OH MY.

After calling the hospital and packing my bags (that was on my to-do list for the following week...oops) and Scott installing the car seat, we woke up Brad and Sara and apologized for the hiccup in our plans, but it didn't look like we were going to make it to Farmers Market that morning, as we were headed to the hospital. Sidenote: Brad had totally called that I was going to go into labor while they were in town. What are the chances?!?

We called our families and checked into the hospital around 6:00 Saturday morning. At this point I was not feeling much different and was surprised to find out I was even having contractions. The girl next to us in the triage area was clearly further along in the contraction process and as I sat there listening to her cry and scream all while the nurse says to me, "Oh you just had a contraction, did you feel anything?" and my response being, "No, not at all," I thought, I got this, this is in the bag, that other girl must be a weenie. Dear other girl, I apologize for thinking you were a weenie...I had no idea what was coming for me.

My pretty awesome family members made it to Walnut Creek by that afternoon. They flew, drove from out of town, left vacations early, got work covered and came to sit and wait in a hospital waiting room for a really, really, really long time. Thanks guys, sorry I couldn't speed that process up.

My wonderful husband was pretty amazing throughout this whole experience. He showed off his skills from the birthing class and was the best breathing partner a girl could ask for. I made him work there at the end, but he never gave up or got frustrated or anything.

Since my water had broken and I wasn't having contractions they had to give me something to hopefully induce labor. It wasn't pitocin, but something else that I can't remember. Anyhow, it did it's job and contractions started. I was able to walk around and hang out with visitors until things started getting pretty painful. Again, my apologies other girl in the triage room. I was given something to take the edge off, because I was having trouble catching my breath between contractions. That helped for a little bit, but it sure seemed like the contractions were coming at a rapid pace. I think it was around 3:00 p.m. before they finally decided to check me. I was convinced I was going to be at a 8 or 9 and Wyatt was going to be here within a few hours. Wrong. I was at a 2. A 2! Miserable. Let's just say, when I found that out and realized it was going to be a long road ahead, I went on ahead and pushed that little nurse call button and asked about my friend, Mr. Epidural. I had been pretty anti-epidural during my pregnancy, but my goodness, that laboring was something else. Anddd, once I decided to go for it, the nurse told me it would be another couple hours before the anesthesiologist would have the chance to come in. So I labored on. That was a pretty intense couple hours. Painful, to say the least.

Soo, I got the epidural and truly in about 10 minutes felt like a new person. I was laughing again and talking to my mom and sister about who knows what, while Scott got a dinner break. Around midnight, I was checked again and was at a 8. They said it would probably be a couple more hours and that they'd check me again at 2:00. Scott and I decided to try and get some sleep, which we did for a couple hours. That was nice. I woke up at about 2:15 and the nurse came in at 2:30 to check me and announce, it was finally time to start pushing. Pushing. Wow. A whole other world of birthing that I don't know if anyone can prepare you for. My thoughts were it was going to be a couple pushes and were done...not so much. Two hours later, the nurse said it was just going to be minutes and she calls in the Doctor, who comes in, washes her hands, sits down, says to me, "OK Lisa, push," then once more, a push and wall-la! Hello Wyatt.

I skipped a lot of the gross details, mostly for sake of any pregnant friends or people who stumble upon this blog (hello sister). It was a crazy, painful, emotional, exhausting, life changing experience. But wow, what a miracle.

Wyatt Scott Zaballos
Sunday, August 15, 2010
4:36 a.m.
6 pounds 11 ounces 18.5 inches

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Wow! What an amazing story! I laughed and beautiful!