Shutterfly: 50 Free Christmas Cards!!!

OK, so I found this sweet deal through another friends blog (thanks Jess!). Shutterfly is doing a sweet promotion for bloggers this holiday season! Just another reason to love Shutterfly, right!?! All you have to do is post about it on your blog and boom, 50 free Christmas cards! Who doesn't love Christmas cards, especially when they're from Shutterfly and free? It's like a little bit of Christmas all month long when the mail man comes and delivers a stack of envelopes full of smiling faces on red and green cards!

If you're not part Elf, like mysELF (pun intended) this holiday season and would rather skip the Christmas card, you can still do lots of fun stuff through Shutterfly a la calendars or photo mugs! Basically, there's something for everyone to enjoy!

We're getting excited about our first family of three Christmas card this year, so if you want one leave me your address and this Elf will make sure you get one! Merry Christmas!!!


Kerry Scott said...

You're too cute. You do have a real elf in the house... so bonus! Happy Thanksgiving Lisa! (and Scott and Wyatt)

Chris and Katie said...

good lookin out sister. whats up with some wyatt pictures. i know you are taking pictures everyday! Please send me some to my cell phone. he makes me smile everytime i get one! talk to you soon!