Baby Shower for Wy

A big thanks to my Sissy and Aunt Pat for throwing a totally amazing baby shower down in San Diego for Wyatt and I in July! It was a wonderful party with wonderful family and friends and tiny wonderful details that made it so very special for me. I am blessed!
The cute decorations
Around 33 weeks?
 Cookie made by the amazing Katie!!

My amazing Mom! So close on her string guess!

My sweet Grammy and cousin Jeni, so excited about their prize victories!
Hostess Aunt Pat!!

Thanks everyone for a lovely celebration for our little man!!

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Jessica Dahlquist said...

So cute. I'm glad you found my blog... and now here's yours! Wyatt is so cute and seems to be the most animated child I've ever seen. We'll be in SD all summer for an internship, so let's definitely get together when you come to town. Good luck sleeping!