Valentine's Weekend with Chris and Katie

Do you still even read this blog??? I don't blame you if you don't, I've been so terrible at keeping it current, and even more terrible at taking recent pictures. Could be that I constantly just feel like a huge blob, and who really wants to see that, but I am hoping to do a little bit of a better job of keeping up to date on this. Heaven only knows what will happen when little Babe arrives, but for now, I am putting forth some effort to catch up!

Back in February Chris and Katie came up to SLO to spend the weekend with Scott and I. They were such great guests to have, as they were easily entertained by the simple things we enjoy doing and letting me take naps throughout the day. We did one of our favorite activities, riding the Bob Jones Bike Trail out to Avila Beach for lunch, followed by some good Mexican food for dinner at Old Juan's in Oceano. We also did some shopping, while the boys went mountain biking, watched the olympics, (yikes, this was a long time ago) ate too much food, Katie showed me how to sew pillow covers and what's an Andrews' weekend without yellow cake with chocolate frosting to round out an awesome weekend! YUM. We love you guys, thanks for making the trip up, we had a blast!

Valentine's Day, get it?!?

A few days later my sweet Hubby made me this bomb dinner pictured below! What a treat after being on your feet at work for over 8 hours! He did the above wrap job himself too, what a skilled guy I married. Love him.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I am impressed at Scott's dinner...just an all around handy guy to have!! Love you two...keep up the blogging!

Kerry Scott said...

Of course I still read this blog! Are you kidding!!? Peace and Love.

Brad and Sara Osborne said...

Yep, definitely still reading!!! Thank God you're back on... I miss the updates/pictures! Miss you guys already!