Todd and Abby Farmer

We love weddings! Coincidentally, Scott knew both the bride and groom at this one! On January 17th, Todd and Abby were married at this beautiful winery in Pleasanton. Scott went to high school and played volleyball with Todd, as well as was good friends with Abby during college at Cal Poly. It was a mini reunion weekend for us, as we were able to see some good old friends and celebrate Todd and Abby!!!

The couple of the weekend.

Some of the group at the dessert the evening before the wedding.

All dressed up and ready to go!

Nick and Jenn.

Cool centerpieces that I wanted to take home.

At first glance I thought my cork said Zebra and was so stoked to put it on my blog...then I realized I just had a moment of dyslexia. 

Project Happiness Table!

Bomb cake.

The person behind me decided to hold their sparkler right over my head and burned my hair off! Ouch.

Goodbye and Goodnight!

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