Christmas x2!

This year was a Zaballos Family Christmas year for our fam, so we spent 5 days up north enjoying lots of fun Christmas traditions! The weekend before Christmas however, we got to spend a few days in San Diego with the Andrews fam to do a little pre-Christmas celebration. It was all so wonderful, we feel so loved and blessed to have such amazing families! 

We have a lot of fun traditions at Christmas time on the Andrews side, one being the gift card exchange game. Well, Scott and Anne-Marie added a new twist this year, coming up with Survivor Christmas (my Dad's only ever missed one episode of Survivor in its time on TV). It was this super fun auction where we bid on gifts based on clues. Man, it got exciting! Scott and I scored a sweet hot chocolate maker (thanks Williams-Sonoma!) and some hot chocolate, an electronic Sudoku game, some Pub Mix and a summer sausage...

...however, we worked a deal to trade the summer sausage to this guy for his Anthro candle that he won!! Haha. 

Prior to the nights festivities, we all went to see Jimmy sing at the church Christmas Show, that was really cool! It was a bunch of musicians, instruments and singers performing all the Christmas classics! So great, Jimmy was the best for sure, and I'm not just saying that cause he's my brother! We loved our time in SD and look forward to next year!!!

Once we made it up north to Danville, our first stop was a ride on the Christmas Train. Pretty sweet deal! We bundled up and ate yummy sandwiches for dinner while taking a ride on this very festive train. 

Owen getting ready to board the train.

The next day we had a Gingerbread House making competition. Scott and my house took an awful turn for the worst somewhere along the way, but thanks to some courtesy votes, we still managed to place! Ha. 

The aftermath. Yikes.

Don't think you were the only one who didn't get our Christmas card...we didn't send one. Life got pretty hectic there for a bit. So here's your card! Merry Christmas 2009! Love S&L!

We had a super tasty Christmas dinner over at Noah and Danika's house with everyone and Noah's parents Mike and Mary. It was really nice. We got to play with Owen and Em and Jude and all their new toys, including the racetrack we got Owen; don't you all remember this one from when you were a kid! So fun!

And, lastly, when you feel a cold coming on, or just want to prevent it altogether, eat garlic. Dan chopped up several cloves of garlic that we all chased with some water. You can bet our husbands were stoked to kiss us goodnight that night! 

I know it's late, but Merry Christmas!!! We love you all!


Anonymous said...

Loved loved loved this blog...great pictures, great time...GREAT family! We are blessed!

Sam and Alexis Scheid said...

I love the pic of your mom and dad!!!! i miss your fam.. emily and her hubby are darling. I can't believe you are all married now (besides Zach!!)