Weekend with the Robeson's

This was one of the best weekends ever!!! Sis and Jim came to visit Scott and I for the weekend and we made the most of having them in our little town. Friday night we hit up Old Juan's Cantina in Oceano for some pretty bomb mexican food. Then on Saturday we headed back out to Oceano (who knew you could have so much fun in Oceano?!? certainly not me) and rode ATV's in the dunes. I will admit I was a little hesitant at first, seeing as it was freezing outside and the last time I had ridden an ATV was on our honeymoon in Mexico, but in the end, totally worth it!!! We had such a blast putzin' around the dunes, getting stuck in the sand and going down what Emili and I thought were incredibly steep hills! Jimmy and Scott were all over the place riding like mad men; it was awesome! We made some yummy dinner at home and followed it up with some Friendship Tea, which again, I have to admit I was REAL hesitant about, only to discover how yummy it is and a wonderful treat on a cold night. We were then all best friends for life. The end. Just kidding, there's more. Sunday we went with Jimmy and Emili down to Lompoc where Jimmy was singing at a Calvary church. Later that day, the boys went for a bike ride and Sis and I got to hit up F21! We loved having Sis and Jim in town, come back soon! Love you guys.


Anonymous said...

Sooooo glad to see you are part of the blogging world again! Loved the pics..who knew you girls were such biker babes!

Jeni said...

Looks like so much fun. I love the helmet headshots of you and Jimmy.