Danville Weekend

Well, somehow November seemed to totally slip away and I'm now playing blog catch up! We had a pretty busy month, with lots of fun trips and events. First things first. The first weekend in November Scott and I went up north for Danika's baby shower. It was a blast to party with the ladies and spend time with the family!

The man of the hour with his mom and aunties.

The centerpiece. For planning via iChat, I'd say it was a success for sure!

Favor bags! Hoo-ray!

Uncle Scott bringing Em to the party.

Party planners. Rocks.

That face! Love him.

Meanwhile, Scott teaches Owen some bicycle tricks in the backyard.

A pic with the Grandpas.

What a great dad he'll make.

Blood and non-blood. Love you guys!


Andrea said...

umm, how has no one posted on this yet??? I have like 10 favorite picks, I kinda want a copy of all of them :) he he, definitely some framers! That was a fun weekend!!!

Brad and Sara Osborne said...

I agree with Annie... cute pics/cute fam! However... I've checked like 50 times and seen this post every time... I need more! Love you Lis!

Conor Dunn said...

Wow, I cannot believe how much Owen looks like his dad.

Nice blog Lisa, I will make sure to keep it on my watch list.