My Best Friend's Wedding: The Wedding

Before I begin, a big thanks to Lizzy, Chris, Sarah Spooner, cousin Katie, Jeni, Megs and anyone else I stole pictures from, seeing as I took about zero of these that are posted below! Thanks guys, you are the (yes I just said that)! Enjoy the show (click on the pictures to make them bigger, it makes it so much better)! AND...I'll post the link to the real photographers blog when the professional pics are ready because man, these guys were SO good, the pictures are going to be amazing!!!

October 3, 2009.
Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Robeson!!!
The Bernardo Winery

About to head down the street to the winery.

Mom and Dad looking super awesome.

Best friends, can you tell?!? We make the same faces.

Just holding the train.

Chris and Katie before the ceremony.

Zach, literally cruising around before the wedding began.

The Osborne's made the trip down!

Bridesmaids Kristina, Sharrah and Katie.

The flower girls and ring bear, so cute! And their awesome flowers made by Annie!

I love this picture because Jimmy and Mom are making the same exact face as they watch Emili walk down the aisle.

The beautiful bride and Dad in my favorite pose.

Glowing as they say hello to the audience.

Caught you peeking brothers.

Oh yeah!

Mingling before group pictures.

Trying to recreate Emili and Jimmy's save the date. I couldn't hold the serious face, my hubby on the other hand, job well done handsome man!

Some of the reception decor.

Their first dance. Fun fact, Jimmy re-recorded the Ray Lamontagne song that they danced to here, and they danced to it again as their last dance, this time with Jimmy's voice. Good work brother.

The parents, Dad giving a welcome to the crowd.

My BFF's for life.

The ladies and our men.

Fam shot.

Congrats Jimmy and Sister, we love you both more than you'll ever know. Welcome to the club!!!


Jeni said...

So many great shots from the wedding. I can't wait to see link on the photographers website.

Anonymous said...

AMAZING job on the pics..even if you didn't take all of them! Love the narration .... you should be a writer in your spare time! XOXOXO

Chris and Katie said...

darn, i wasnt the first.... missed it by and hour! you sure did catch me in that picture, i dont know what i was looking at, but good catch. good job assembling the pictures and putting the commentary on the pics. I was going to do a blog just now, but after that great job, i am going to just link to yours and save my time. ill put something up that is a little more fun.

great to see you guys last weekend. see you soon.


Andrea said...

Finally! I was dying to see the pics- what a beautiful bride and a beautiful wedding! Everything turned out so charming, loved ALL the pics, thanks for posting so many!!! Happy Wedding to the LOVE BIRDS!

liz for love said...

LOOOOOVEEE this blog post!!! i'm still trying to swallow the fact that emili is now a married woman!!! great photo choices and commentary lees... superb blogging job! love you!

Jimmy and Emili said...

sis. great work on the two amazing blogs! the picture selection is thank you for getting only the best photos from our friends to post! a big thank you also to debbie and annie for helping with the veil and flowers! they were so special! you were the best maid of honor everrrrrrrrr. love you sissy, talk to you later we come home today! we will see you in slo town sometime this month and can we please rent atvs at pismo? jimmy and i are pros now and we love riding them! LOVE YOU!!

Danika said...

So fun to see your sis's wedding pics. Congrats to her, she was a beautiful bride... looks like she sooo enjoyed the day! See you soon, miss you.