My Best Friend's Wedding: The Rehearsal

My beautiful little sister (and my best friend) married the man of her dreams (literally, for years she dreamed of marrying Jimmy), this past weekend. It was an absolutely beautiful wedding, so Emili and Jimmy in all things, from the type writer guest book to hanging rice balls to mason jars to saying their vows in front of a Virgin Mary statue near a barn. One things for sure, Jimmy loves my sister and she loves him and together they love the Lord; indeed it was a day to celebrate. I'll start with pictures from the rehearsal in order to eliminate creating the world's longest blog post. Enjoy!

The rehearsal was Friday afternoon and in true Andrews girls wedding fashion, it happened to rain during the practice run through. Thankfully we weren't talking buckets like at my rehearsal (or lack thereof), but rather just a few drops here and there.

Chloe, Sis and Olivia, the flower girls.

Jimmy and his younger brother Scotty. (Another Scott to throw in the mix, because, well 2 just wasn't enough!)

Chris and Katie, marriage pros by now.

Finn, the second most cutest ring bear ever (shout out to Owen Samuel!)

Kristina and Jason traveling all the way from Napa!

We love weddings!!!

Mom and "Patrice" the wedding coordinator (aka Aunt Pat).

Preparing for the handoff.

So ready for the real deal.

They photograph so well. Grammy!

Robeson's! Rebecca, MOG, Scotty the best man, and Sharrah, Jimmy's sister a bridesmaid.

At Hacienda de Vega for dinner. I like to think this is a rainbow from Pops.

Zach got off work and made it to dinner just in time to receive his gift. Good timing Bud!

Love this guy.

Three weddings in 18 months. You go Dad and Mom!

It appears my sister-in-laws are blessed with the creative genes. Katie's cookies, hand-stinkin decorated. Impressive work.

My cousin Jeni and her two boys Zachary and Blayden at the post dinner dessert. They drove all the way from Arizona! So glad they came!

And now for the wedding post!!!


Jeni said...

wow! your whole family is so photogenic. That is such a great pic of you and scott. I might have to steal that photo of Katie's cookies...they are so awesome.

Anonymous said...

I loved this one...I have to admit..I had tears in my eyes when I saw your comment on the rainbow...I like to think so too!