Friday Night

Last Friday I could hardly wait to get off work because two of my best friends were coming to town! We made a party out of it and went to Firestone for dinner, along with all of San Luis Obispo, but it was wonderful nonetheless.

Ryane, Cindy, Megs and Lindsey.

 The Osborne's joined in on the fun.

After dinner we came back to our place and listened to Megan's story of her encounter with a mountain lion, verbal tests of being an only child, and random high school events. Haha, good times. Then the boys and Sarah played a couple matches of ladder golf while Megs and I watched sitting outside in the cold. Can always count on Sar to get into a good competitive game, and here she is!

...and here we are!

Brian and Brad preparing for the game.

Love these friends.

How much do you guys love me for posting this? Many reasons for this picture. One, Megan trying to perfect her closed mouth smile (this is for referring to mine as the joker!) and two, the energy mints that do in fact work according to Sar (side note, thanks Matt Randle!) Thanks for hanging all ya'll, it was great to see all your lovely faces!!!


spooner on the ones said...

good post lees! it was so fun seeing you guys and your lovely house! (yeah i used the word lovely--deal with it.) ALSO that picture of you, megs, and i is cute, can you send me it?!

Anonymous said...

Love the picture of you, Sarah and Megs...ummmmm aren't those your BIRTHDAY boots????? It's NOT your birthday yet Missy....

Anonymous said...

P.S. Scotty's hair looks GREAT!

Chris and Katie said...

i think im still beating you on the number of posts! muhhhahahaha. (scary laugh) since its halloween soon!

happy early bday! talk to you soon!