Cracked Crab

A couple weeks ago my good friend Erin, (we completed our credential together) came to town for a quick visit as she passed through on her way to SB. Scott and I were able to grab dinner with her, her friend Joy, and her cousins in Pismo Beach at the Cracked Crab! It was our first time eating there, so we ordered individual entrees and  watched Erin and her pro cousins dig into the bucket of crab and shrimp! It was pretty fun to observe people eating with no plates or utensils! Thanks for coming Erin, so fun to catch up!

Before we left, noted that it turned into another heat wave this day, allowing myself to wear a summer dress in October!

Erin showing off a hot bib and some crab legs!

The "bucket" that they dumped onto our table.

Bearded hubby (no longer bearded) giving the shrimp a crack!

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Anne-Marie said...

Can we go to this yummmmy looking eatery next visit to SLO? Ummmm...looks fabulous!!!!