Best Birthday Ever!!!

So last Friday was my birthday, turned the big 26! Crazy. I was scheduled to work both Friday and Saturday at CPK, so Scott and I made plans to take a day trip to Santa Barbara on Sunday to celebrate with some shopping! I had hoped to spend some time with my family for my birthday this year, seeing as I hadn't been able to come home for my birthday in seven years or so, but work wasn't permitting it this I thought! I wish I had a picture of the soon to be described events because I am pretty sure I had a pretty stunned face. Friday at about 3:30 p.m. I was close to finishing up my shift at CPK, so I had gone into the office to start the daily paperwork, etc. that I have to do each shift. I had been in the office for just a few minutes when my boss, Chris, came in and we were chatting and then he left. A few minutes later I heard a really loud, hard knock at the door and thought, wow, that is an aggressive knock, someone needs to tone it down. (Side note: the office is located in the back of the kitchen, so totally not accessible to customers whatsoever.) So I stop what I was working on on the computer and slide my chair across our tiny, (no extremely tiny) office and grab the door to open it without getting up from the chair. As I open it I see my Sister, Dad, Mom, Jimmy and Scott, shouting surprise and happy birthday!!! It was one of those moments where you have to take a minute to register what's happening because the people you are seeing are not normally people you see in your office at work, but man, so wonderful and thrilling at the same time! Apparently Scott had been arranging plans with my Mom and Sister to come up and hang with us Friday and Saturday, and they all met downtown San Luis on Friday to come surprise me! When my boss Chris saw them coming, recognizing them, he shuffled them to the back so they could get me to open the office door. It was pretty hilarious, the cooks were all into it, the customers as we walked into the restaurant were all smiling and saying happy birthday, such a treat. Anyhow, needless to say, it made for a fantastic birthday, that even included mom's very own yellow cake with chocolate frosting - a lifetime Andrews' birthday tradition! Thanks you guys for making the trip and for coming even though I had to work! Ready for a million pictures?! Ok, me too!

Walking into Yanagi's for some bomb sushi!!! Check out the pretty scenery.

The gorgeous flowers my wonderful hubby gave me. He always picks out the best ones!

Meet the Robeson's!

Thanks Mom!!! (And thanks Jimmy for smiling at the camera!)

The next morning we went to the Apple Farm for breakfast before I had to go to work (thankfully for only three hours!)

My Scott's!

Diet Pepsi for breakfast Sis, standard.

While I was at work everyone else rode bikes around town and checked out garage sales, a wedding at the Mission and played at an outdoor gym, lucky. Sis and Jim even made a purchase at one of the garage sales! When I got off, we headed out to Avila and hit up a real apple farm (not the restaurant again). That ladies and gentlemen, was a hoot of a time, too many stories to tell, but lets just say I had my share of apples for quite some time! Here's Jimmy and Emili, but really I'm also showcasing our freshly cut, almost all green lawn! Thanks El Nino, for providing us with some free water for our poor lawn!

Dad helping Scott play car shuffle in the driveway, cruising in the 4Runner.

Post apple farm visit, at the Avila Valley Barn, attempting to get some pumpkins, but so was everyone else on the Central Coast, so our visit was short lived.

We have about 3 of these pictures from over the years now, and I love them all! Love you Sis.

Group shot! (Can you tell I'm into my photo editing feature on iPhoto or what?!?)

We ended the fam's visit with a trip to Firestone, of course! Thanks again for coming you guys, I felt exceptionally loved!!!

On Sunday, my trooper of a husband drove me down to Santa Barbara for a day of shopping til we dropped! Since it was a Sunday and stores didn't open til 11, we took our time getting down there and when we did, realized we were already hungry, and let's be honest, shopping on an empty tummy is never any fun. So, we made our way to Chipotle for a burrito to share, which filled my tum, but left Scott with room for more, so we picked up a cinnamon Wetzel Pretzel and went on our way to hit up State Street! I will say, Scott never once complained, never once asked if I was almost done and wanted to check out everything I tried on. He wins best husband award for sure!!!

After hours at Urban, Macy's, Nordstrom, and Anthro, we were spent and instead of changing into the fancy clothes we brought along for a fancy dinner out, we decided to check out Santa Barbara harbor and found this great little bar and grill overlooking the harbor to eat at. It was a tasty treat, and just what we wanted.

Birthday weekend 2009 was amazing, thanks to everyone who made me feel special!!!


Anonymous said...

That was such a FUN FUN FUN wait...24 hours! Thanks for being such a blessing to Dad and I! Also, a big thank you to both you and wonderful cuties were the perfect host and hostess! Can't wait until next time...XOXOXO

Jeni said...

How fun!!! Glad you had a great birthday :)