Scott's Toys

I have about a million things to post about, so stay with me. On top of that, I'm now using our new MAC and getting used to the different uploading process and moving the pictures around. Oh boy blogger. So, anyhow, a couple of Scott highlights for you all. He loves his projects, so I thought I'd show them off for him!

The Yeti and its' new MTB lights, custom built and designed by Scott himself. Let me tell you, these lights are blinding they are so stinkin bright!

I can say I did help on this project. This is our new office furniture in the works! We found a deal at Cost Plus and were finally able to get rid of Scott's college desk. I can't really say I was sad to see it go, but maybe one day I'll miss it. Our office got a bit of a face lift...more pics to come on that, hopefully sooner than later!

Lastly, this picture is not meant to showcase Scott's awesome park job, but rather his newly painted black rims. Lookin' good 4Runner, looking good.

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