Backyard Bonfire

Over Labor Day weekend we thought it'd be fun to have a bonfire at the beach with Brad and Sara, and their good friend Laura, who was visiting for the weekend. Well, our BBQ dinner lasted a bit longer than we anticipated, so thanks to Scott and Brad's creative thinking, we make-shifted a bonfire in the comfort of our own backyard. There was no ocean noise in the background, but the smores were tasty as ever! And the company wasn't too bad either!

Getting the fire going.

Who needs a pit when you have an old BBQ?!?

We wore beanies not because it was cold, but because we'd just washed our hair and didn't want it to smell like smoke. Unfortunately, the plan didn't work so well for the hair that was exposed. Oops.

So delicious!

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Chris and Katie said...

i think i need to show you how to make some killer smores.... smore of what... how can i have smore if i havent had any yet??

ha. best movie quote ever.