Sister Weekend of Wedding Fun

Crazy to think that Sister and Jimmy's wedding is less than 6 weeks away! These engagements just keep getting shorter and shorter!!! This past weekend I had the pleasure of throwing my Sis her first Bridal Shower, with a huge amount of help from my co-host, Mrs. Spooner! Backing up, I came home Thursday morning via the Scott (Earnhardt) Zaballos truck to SB (we literally arrived at the station minutes before the train!) and then via the train down to Irvine where I was greeted by three of my favorite ladies...Mom, Grams and Sis. It was a real treat. We spent the day in Irvine at the Spectrum doing some shopping and lunch, two things we do best. Friday morning was Emili's dress fitting (so pretty) followed by a fun day of hanging with my long lost BFF. Sis and I got to spend the afternoon together, enjoying soup at Lourdes', falling in the mall and nearly peeing our pants, crafts for the shower, and of course some frozen yogurt. Don't you wish I had pictures of me falling in the mall!?! Yeah, I do too, it was hilarious. Friday night, my hero of a husband made it through LA Friday night traffic and made it to Poway in time for family dinner.

Saturday was Emili's shower, I'll leave the explaining to the pictures! Bum out that I never got a shot of Sis and I, or Mom, Grams, Sis and I...we'll have to remember that for next time!

The women begin to gather. At this point, the volume rose about 10 levels from the previous 5 minutes.

Brooke, Sis and Liz (incase you couldn't read their name tags) about to enjoy some tasty Mexican lunch.

Inside, where it was much cooler, Auntie Karen, Grams and Serena.

Mrs. Spooner's awesome line-up of food, with tasty fruit salad courtesy of the Duddy fam, and desserts, thanks to the number one bakery in town, Kitchen de Anne-Marie. (The desserts are in the other room, but I wanted to give Mom the shout out!)

Katie and Aunt Pat, we missed you Monica and Kristina! And of course, our Katie A.!

My BFF's, super helpful in throwing the shower, TD, Sar and Megs. Love you guys!

Serena and Mom the MOB.

Guess the Bride's age. You are going to want to make this one big, really, check out number 4!

Sis opening lots and lots of wonderful gifts! Lizzy, doing a great job taking notes.

Sharrah, Jimmy's sister, being an excellent bridesmaid and making the ribbon bouquet. So pretty!

Ladies in yellow! How great does Grams look for being 4 weeks post surgery!?! God is so good! And Lizzy, you look great too!

While the ladies were showering, the boys worked on wedding projects in the garage where Scott set up shop. They had a nice afternoon of manliness. Then we had a little Saturday evening BBQ action at the parentals with Aunt Pat and Uncle Gary and Rich and Liz! Great fun.

Love these guys! Special congrats to the newly engaged (this picture was about 24 hours prior) Rich and Liz!!! So excited for you guys!!!


Anonymous said...

LOVE the blog...what great pictures!!! Can you come home every weekend?!?!? PLEASE!!! So much fun having you and Bob the Builder here with us! Can hardly wait til next time! XOXOX

Chris and Katie said...

darn i didnt get to be the first one to write on your blog. sorry we didnt get to see you guys when you were in town and i will try to put some pictures up of our trip to mexico! talk to you soon.

love, brother

Anonymous said...

I love your brother!

spooner on the ones said...

soo even though there's something weird going on with the way my head is tilted in that picture, thanks for the shout out lees! :) it was so fun seeing you! congrats to em and jimmy again! xoxo!

Andrea said...

I love the shower game with the pics, Emily had some pretty rockin' do's over the years!!!! What a clever idea, I will remember that for ideas in the future!! Looks like another fun weekend for you guys!