Chef Scott

Scott has been a huge help in the kitchen lately. I think he has been hiding his cooking skills from me! Thanks to Debbie, for sending the book on grilling, Scott has decided that one night a week he is going to be in charge of dinner and it will be something on the BBQ. I was totally in for that idea. Sunday we did some serious grocery shopping, and Scott picked out some steaks and veggies for dinner for us. Here are his food shots!

New York Steak, corn on the cob (with a spice marinade he created), and zucchini. Bet you wouldn't have guessed this was MY plate. Don't worry, I ate about a forth of the steak, Scott's been enjoying the rest of it for lunch all week!

The other idea Scott has been wanting to try forever is homemade pizza. We have the pizza stone and all, and seeing as I work at a pizza restaurant, it shouldn't have taken us this long to make our first homemade pizza! We decided to start with one of our favs, BBQ Chicken Pizza. I had the advantage of getting the gouda cheese, onions and cilantro all pre-sliced and cut from work yesterday before I went home, so we just bought some dough and mozzarella from Trader Joe's and got to work.

We used Annie's recipe for making the BBQ chicken in the crock pot and it was tasty. This was probably one of our favorite pizza's ever. We were in love. We decided we will have to take advantage of pizza supplies from CPK more often!!!


Chris and Katie said...

yes, you might think that i stalk you and scott and make comments on all your blogs, but i just wanted you to know someone reads your blog! i looooooovvvveeeee corn on the cob now and i want to eat some corn right now! what do you put on that corn looks delicious! hey i made a bomb blackened chicken alfredo.... maybe scott and i can trade recipes sometime! haha

Sarah Leilani said...

I stalk you too!!! Anyway...I just made pizza on the BBQ so instead of putting the crust on your pizza stone you coat/spray/spread olive oil on to your dough (that I get at trader joe's!) once it's rolled out and put in on the BBQ without any toppings. Cook it for a couple minutes on both sides until it looks just like baked pizza dough. It'll have all the marks from the BBQ and it makes it really rustic. Go back in the kitchen, throw all of your ingredients on the cooked pizza dough, put on the BBQ until the cheese melts and everything gets super hot and melted...and there you go...BBQ'd BBQ chicken pizza. xoxo.

Anne-Marie said...
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Anne-Marie said...

I was just going to tell you to try BBQing your pizza, but I see Sarah has beaten me to it. That would be so good! Kudos to Scotty for stepping up to the plate (no pun intended) and making dinner once a week! XOXOXO

Deb said...

Well, Well, Well, I am sooo impressed with Scott's bar-b-qing ability!!! That dinner looks delicious!!!!!!
I already know Lisa can cook, and bake!!!!!!!!
Your pizza looks delicious too! Good job you two!!!

Love, Mom

Andrea said...

hey hey hey- that pizza looks mighty tasty, the crust is seriously tempting! How did you get it so thick and poofy? yum! you know what they say... a couple that cooks together, sticks together---- right? :) whatever, I made it up!