A Week in SB

Summer is my favorite. I am pretty confident in that statement, and though I enjoy a nice cozy winter night bundled up at home now and again, there's just something about warm summer nights. Back in June (where does the time go?!?) Resti and Debbie took the Zaballos family on a vacation to a lovely home in Montecito, the south end of Santa Barbara. We caught a week of sunshine and hardly any clouds! It was awesome and wonderful and everything you can want in a family vacation from a cookie contest to the beach, the zoo, some shopping and even some 30-day shred! Here are some pics from a combined photo effort between us, the Stokes and Haddons!

As started in Yosemite 2008, the wives cookie contest. Danika was at it again and held her title for the second straight year, though this year, sharing the victory with Debbie. As for Annie and I, we like bringing up the caboose, we planned it that way.

Men in scarves. Noah, you might be able to slide by, sorry Scotty, slim chance with your bicycle t-shirt!

Then there was the Santa Barbara Zoo trip. I'm no connoisseur of zoo's, but this little zoo was pretty legit. I'd go back. It had all the big animals you could want to see, and a train ride. Throw in an ice-cream cone and I might have bought a year pass!

Then there was the beach day! We rode our bikes down to the beach and played around all day, catch, frisbee, volleyball and even some swimming in the water. I hadn't done that since beach camping days circa 2001 at San Elijo - oh hey SRS/JNS!

Summer Solstice in SB. Have you seen this?!? The hippies make their way to State Street for a par-tay! Wowzers. At one point I began getting claustrophobic because there were so many people there. Owen and I kicked it on the curb. Love that little guy.

And here are some more pics from random points during the trip. It was so much fun, lots of swimming, tasty meals, screaming for Oprah, 2 hours fixing a DVD player, making a ColdStone run, some hilarious charades game and some good catching up as always. Thanks everyone for traveling to our neck of the woods! Love to you all!

Dinner at Something Fishy (Benihana of SB)

Mexican fingers making mexican dinner.

#1 Uncle.


Anne-Marie said...

Okay..I think I figured it out! Great blog...what a beautiful family you married into L....good thing you are sooo pretty! Mom

Andrea said...

ok, you did a way better job capturing the trip than I did, maybe because you guys ended up with all my pictures (i'll need to get a copy of those!) anyhow, love the one of you and owen, you can tell he's madly in love in that pic, and of course the #1 Uncle pic is pretty cute, everyone looks stellar in that shot! :)

Danika said...

Love the photos, you're way more on top of blogging the trip, I"m so behind.Love the pic of you and Owen, you sooo look like Emily!Love you