Wedding Crashers

My boss at CPK is always telling me I go to a lot of weddings. That in this year I've gone to more than's he's gone to in his life. Lately, more and more people seem to be telling Scott and I this. One night we decided to write down all the weddings we've been to or in since we've been dating, which takes us back to April 2006 folks, oh yeah! I'll let you guess. Ok ready? Sixteen, with 2 on the calendar still to come, and one, sadly (Mel!) that we were unable to attend. Scott will have been in 8 of those...I'm thinking of sending Hollywood (via director Rich Millard) the script for 8 Tuxedos (27 Dresses...anyone?!?). Anyhow, we really do love it and really love the people we get to celebrate on their wedding day! I'm especially excited for our next one...when Sis and Jimmy tie the knot!!! Which fun fact, during our last wedding ceremony thanks Ben and Katie, we learned how that expression came to be. Something Scottish about tying fingers together...something like that...I think. This was us at Pismo Beach for Josh and Mel's wedding late June. Sweet view, sweet weather, sweet wedding! Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Pickus!


Anonymous said...

Love the your hair that length. Like Scott's length too!

Andrea said...

I have an idea, you guys should start a small album with a picture of you both from everyone wedding you attend over your life time! How fun would that be in 50 years to look back and remember all those fun times! do it!