Friends in Town!

Over a period of 4 days a couple weeks ago, Scott and I had the sweet privilege of hanging with some great friends who made their way into San Luis Obispo. It was so much fun to catch up on each others lives and spend some quality time with people we love. Come back soon, all of you!

Our first guests were the Bartsch's. On Saturday, Nick and Jenn brought their 2 lab pups over to take a swim in the ocean. We got to grab some lunch with them at Sylvester's in Los Osos and then headed over to the dog beach in Cayucos.

Buddy and Behr were having a field day fetching, running and chasing other dogs in the ocean!

Morro Bay Rock. I see that beauty everyday from the playground at work. Not too bad.

Next on the guest list: Geoff and Monica! Maybe they were just using us for our extra bedroom, but hey, it was awesome having them here! We went to church together Sunday morning and then picked up Lincoln Market Deli sandwiches for a backyard picnic and a thrilling game of ladder golf before they had to hit the road.

Team Zaballos versus Team Andrews.

Paused the game for a lunch break. Loved those sandwiches.

It would not be polite to boast, but I'll just say, the winning team is NOT pictured above. I will give Team Andrews some credit, it was a down to the wire match! See you guys soon!

THEN, on Tuesday and Wednesday we got to see our long long London friends Brad and Sara! It truly made my heart happy to spend time with the Osbornes. They are wonderful fun friends and it was a treat to pretend we live in the same town for a night. Here are some pics (every one of which we said "it's for our blog" before taking) of our time together in SLO!

Here we are after a trip to the grocery store. This picture really isn't too great, but I love it for the looks on our faces. Please, look carefully at our expressions.

Trying to pose an "action" shot of us cooking, however if you notice, I'm cutting that lettuce with an invisible knife. (See Brad taking pictures? It was tough competition for our blog as to who would get the best pictures! We're nerds, ok?!)

Give me a warning and I'll find my knife for the picture. Love these guys.

Brad pumped on the steak dinner grilling in the backyard!

Some veges for the vege lovers.

Later that night we rode bikes to Coldstone...I forgot my camera. Obviously Scott and I ordered a Mud Pie Mojo, it was delicious.

The boys got up early and hit the trails at Montana de Oro, one of our favorites! Check out that view!

While they were gone I did some baking. Special treat for my #1 coffee cake fan, Brad Osborne. (Unfortunately for those on Zaballos family vacation, my second coffee cake did not turn out as pretty as this one...bum out.)

While Scott and I packed and prepared for Zaballos Family Vacation, Brad and Sara worked on teaching applications for SLCUSD!! They're back to London for a month and then hopefully landing some jobs in SLO to hang with Scott and I!

We love visitors, anyone else want to come over!?!


annemarie1019 said...
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annemarie1019 said...

Ohhhh Lisa Marie...Grandma Andrews would be so very proud of your beautiful coffee cake! You have it mastered...Let's see if your siblings can match it...Em..Katie???

BO said...

Hey guys, just wanted to say we had a great time hanging out with the two of you. We both really hope we end up getting jobs there. See ya when we get back.