4WD Camping Adventure

Over the 4th of July weekend Scott and I went on quite the adventure! Some friends of his from work invited us to go on a camping and 4 wheel drive rock crawling trip. Now, had I known what I was really getting myself into, I'm not sure I can say I would have joyfully gone. But, good news for Scott was I didn't know what we were about to get into and I'll say, it was a weekend for the books. The pictures don't really do the experience justice, but it's at least a glimpse into the excitement that is rock crawling!

So our trip started around 2:00 on Friday afternoon when we departed SLO and headed for Fresno. After enduring the Fresno heat for some dinner, we kept going and made our way up to the Sierra's and Dinky Creek. This was the old school gas station, I just liked the picture, nothing exciting, especially not the gas prices!

Our neatly packed "rig." I learned that the 4Runner is not a car, nor a truck, and the appropriate 4WD term is rig. So, in the remaining post when I say rig, I'm referring to the 4Runner.

It was hot.

So, after gassing up and meeting up with Scott's friend Ian and his wife along with another couple, our three cars hit the trail. I was told once we got to the trail head, it'd be about 3 miles until we reached the campsite. So, 3 miles, would you think maybe 5-10 minutes max. No, no folks. It took just over 3 hours to reach our campground and in those 3 hours, I feared for my life on more than one occasion. OK, to Scott's defense, maybe I'm being a little dramatic, but really, it was quite the ride. (I'll save the rest of the explaining for the picture captions from our trip out.)

Here's our little campsite. See the rocks surrounding us? That was what we drove over to get to this spot.

Since we had arrived at night, it was quite the pleasant surprise to wake up to this beautiful scenery. This is Swamp Lake, CA. Probably unknown to most of the world, but to 4WD fans, it's a hidden gem.

Rocks everywhere!!!

Scott doing some fishing.

Caught you!

It was only lunch time so instead of keeping the little guy for dinner we decided to let him go, only to have him go commit suicide by swimming right into a branch that went through the side of his face. Poor guy was in a little shock. Later that night, Scott made me a delicious meal cooked on our new camping stove. We had to fight off about a million mosquitoes, but other than that it was a nice, relaxing evening around the campfire.

Sunday morning we packed up and headed out. This was our path. Do you see the road? Yeah, me either.

We lead the way, here are the rest of the rigs making their way up the trail.

Here we are about to go up this really steep, rocky part of the trail.

And we made it.

I will admit, the way back was a lot less stressful, (minus one moment where our front tire was about 3 feet off the ground). I think knowing what we were about to go through made it easier on me than the way in where I thought we were going to tip over every other rock we went over. Scott was a true champ and drove that rig like a professional. Would I do it again? Probably, but that's just because I love my husband and he goes to enough chick flicks and on enough shopping excursions with me that I can handle a weekend with no toilets or running water every now and again. That 40 minute shower on Sunday though never felt so wonderful. Hope your 4th was as exciting as ours!


Anonymous said...

Can I just say that does NOT look like fun...exciting maybe..in a heart attack kind of way...but fun...ummmm NO!

Deb said...

I have to agree with Anne-Marie!! it does NOT look like fun, WAY TOOOOOO DANGERIOUS!!!!!! and yes, that would have given me another Heart Attack!!!!!!!
I have to say, I love the mountains, and where you guys were was truly God's country! The lake was beautiful!! I did not need to know about the poor fish!! I hate it when Resti goes fishing, "catch and release", how many times can you catch a fish and throw it back in with out losing part of it's mouth???
I'm glad you both survived and had a good time! I hope you have gotten that out of your system, SCOTT!!!!! Love you both, Mom

Andrea said...

ok, you take the cake girl, honestly, if word gets out about this to our husbands Hawaii will be out of the picture and we will be spending our next family vacation climbing rocks and putting bandages around fishes heads :) Seriously, you are some wifey! This calls for an all weekend, endless budget shopping spree!

Danika said...

I love how much you enjoy each other, it is so obvious...what a rockstar wife you have Scott to come along on your outrageous outings...that would be like me going to a computer conference all day with a bunch of computer...um...coolguys? No thank you but maybe I could learn to love it like you have learned to enjoy Scotts ideas...have to say, his sound more fun:)

Chris and Katie said...

i wanna go there!!! I would be in heaven out there climbing over those rocks in Scott's "rig" katie and i need to come up there and go camping and hiking with you two! hope to see you soon.