Yosemite Wedding!

OK, as promised, here is the rest of the wedding post! I have about a zillion pictures I want to post, so you might want to grab a snack, beverage, comfy chair and post up. Here I go.

Saturday night was the rehearsal dinner at our cabin. A big thanks to BBQ professionales (that's spanglish for professional) Uncle Gary and Mr. Steven Spooner! Though I didn't actually eat a burger, I heard they were delicious!

The men, holding down the fort/deck. Dennis, Resti and Rick.

Grams and Aunt Pat steering clear of the mosquitoes indoors.

Mom's champion friends helping prepare dinner. Laurie, Serena and Colleen. Rookie mistake on forgetting the flash. Lo siento.

Sweet Val gets a solo shot while working hard in the kitchen!

This picture simply had to be posted because of the story. This is Kristina and Jason. Jason was attempting to pray for their food, however, Kristina interrupted because she "could not hear" him. It was quite funny to witness. Maybe you had to be there, but take my word, it was a classic Kristina moment.

Zach and I hanging out during the gift presentation.

The Gary and Pat Andrews Family. Shout out to the cousins!

Mike and Dad welcoming everyone to dinner.

You caught me Ma! The Moms.


Skip the burger, go directly to dessert. You may now pass GO.

Moving on over to the Kaeser's cabin for the ceremony run through in their pretty field. The bridesmaids.

Bridal Party. Group shot stolen while we pose for the actual photographer.

MAX! What a great pup. Look at you guys, already a happy little fam.

And now the wedding! Unfortunately, in the busyness and hustle of being a co-maid of honor, I neglected my camera all day. I figured I'd leave it to the professionals anyhow. So, here are some shots Katie's Uncle took mixed in with some from cousin Katie. Thanks for sharing guys!

The beautiful bride making her way down the aisle!

The kiss!

A congratulatory pat on the back from Dad!

Family shot.

Getting married is hard work. Squeezing in a few bites of the community mac and cheese. Oh boy.

Just hanging outside the chapel all fancied up.

A toast to us!?! Thanks guys! What a great year it's been!

Toasting to our new sister!

Scott, when did you get so tall?!? Holler if your last name starts with Z!

Making our grand entrance with a spin that started the trend. Oh yeah.

Yummy cupcakes!

Well folks, that concludes my wedding post. I could go on forever and I would love to post a billion more pictures of getting ready, the ceremony, the dinner, the reception party and all that dancing, but I'll just have to leave it up to your imaginations, as I was too busy cutting a rug and running around with my hand in a cup of ice (deadly deer fly bite, I won't get into that story) to snap any shots. All in all it was a beautiful day, wonderful celebration and grand time hanging out with so many amazing friends and family members. To Chris and Katie!!! We love you guys!

SMZ I love you! If it's possible for more fun and more adventures in year 2, bring it on! Happy 1st Anniversary!


The Dude said...

awesome!!! i tried to create one of these things, but dont have the patience to do it, so ill leave it up to the pro!

Lisa said...

I love it!!! What a great weekend with amazing memories! The best is yet to come for all you newlyweds! Love Mom...

Lisa said...

Once again....that's not my name!

Brother Buzz said...

Your the best Lisa. I wouldn't want it any other way. Year 2 here we come! Love you honey.

Jennie said...

dear lmaz,
seriously...? "sweet val" and stePHen (get with it) made the blog before me? you are just lucky i miss you or we might have had to exchange some words about this. but the wedding looked amazing! i hope all is well at home... i have a post card ready to be mailed to you (& the mr.) in my room. we'll see when i get around to mailing it, sorry :( love you lots zaballos! xoxo, jns