I'm playing catch up in my little blog world...things have been crazy busy for Scott and I lately. Lots of fun things, lots of traveling. We love it.

On our way to San Diego, Scott and I made a stop at a new CPK in Valencia to say hi to a couple of my bosses and check out the restaurant. The free food wasn't too bad either! Anyhow, we crossed this bridge thing and Scott quickly spotted the alligator that was a little too close for his comfort. Silly boy.

Just strolling across the bridge.

Pernel getting married!

Aaron and Pernel in the middle of their Dancing with the Stars status routine! So cute.

On our way back home we stopped in the OC to crash Matt and Jenny's church BBQ. This was a legit BBQ people, there were like 5 bounce houses, adult jousting (see above), hot dogs, raffles, and nice waterbottles with the church logo printed on for everyone to take home! It was a quick stop, but great to see some awesome friends!

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